Speaking Part 1

Q. Thank you. Now could you tell me a little about yourself and where do you live?

A.  I’ve finished my graduation from  …. University. My major was Mathematics. I’m doing a part time job at a local school as a Mathematics teacher. I’m planning to complete my M.Sc. from any reputed University of UK. My future plan is be a Software Engineer. I spend my leisure time surfing the internet and reading books. Sometimes I hang around with my friends on the lake shore. The place I live now is really charming and I love to live there. It’s not noisy and busy like other cities and I have got many friends there. I am maintaining a personal blog and there I try to add a post every week. This is basically a technology and Math related blog.

Al Amin Chowdhury

My name is Al Amin Chowdhury. I am Diploma in Computer Engineer. I am a Web Developer. I have experience in HTML5 & CSS3, Twitter Bootstrap, PHP, WordPress Theme Development, C and C++

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