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Speaking part 1 questions 0

Speaking part 1 questions

Speaking Part 1 Common Topics List Work Study Hometown Home Art Birthdays Childhood Clothes Computers Daily routine Dictionaries Evenings Family & Friends Flowers Food Going Out Happiness Hobbies Internet Leisure time Music Neighbours &...


part 1

1. How would you describe yourself? My name is _____, and I am a businessman by profession. My expertise lies in the construction industry. As a businessman, I would describe myself as very ambitious....

Speaking Part 1 0

Speaking Part 1

Q. Thank you. Now could you tell me a little about yourself and where do you live? A.  I’ve finished my graduation from  …. University. My major was Mathematics. I’m doing a part time...

IELTS Speaking 0

IELTS Speaking

3 parts to the speaking test. Overall, this part of the test should take 11-14 minutes. Part 1.   Introduction and interview ( 4-5 minutes ) In this part, the examiner introduces him/herself and...

Speaking part 1 0

Speaking part 1

Speaking test part 1: Questions Let’s talk about your home town or village: what kind of place is it? what’s the most interesting part of your town/village? what kind of jobs do the people...