Writing Task 2

Improving writing skills


the academic version of IELTS

Sam McCarter


Example 1For example, if
Example 2Moreover,... can...
ResultAs a result, ...
Contrast, but may not always

 The ‘types’ of vocabulary to teach

• Task/ ‘text types’

• The General Service List (GSL)

• AWL (Coxhead, A. 2000. A new Academic Word List. TESOL Quarterly, 34 (2): 213–38.)

• AKL (Paquot, M. 2010. Academic Vocabulary in Learner Writing: From Extraction to Analysis. London & NewYork: Continuum.)

• Student vocabulary- number of words?

• Word frequency: 2,500 -80%/ 7500- c 90%?

• Prepared materials –writing exercises

• No materials – student-centred

• Students create questions- test of independence ‘Trigger’ words to create a template rather than a writing vacuum:


For example/ For example, if/ Like / such as

But/ However

As a result/ however/ Moreover

And their synonyms


Other triggers

• positive adjectives: beneficial/ important/ crucial

• negative adjectives: dangerous/harmful/


General/ Carrier nouns for organization

• benefits/ advantages

• disadvantages/ drawbacks/ downsides

• causes effects solutions

• measures/ proposals/ suggestions


Helpful as they require explanation


Blend of speaking, writing and reading

• Structure of ‘text’

• Pre- reading brainstorming List words/ideas/ sentences from the text

• Search for ideas etc

• Jumble the ideas and match them to the questions

• Improve texts

• Summarizing texts

• Redrafting/ Checking for mistakes


Not a lack of ideas


• A lack of ability to organise and link ideas

• If chains • Cause and effect chains

• Exercise improves health

• Health improves ….

• Education improves…

• Word association

• Dictation of words to build schema – writing/ reading/ speaking/ listening


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